Advisory Services


Rockwell Partners assists financial institutions, universities and real estate companies with their recovery, investment and disposition strategies.

Asset Management

Useful information about the daily operations of a distressed asset may be unavailable, incomplete or nonexistent. Rockwell Partners professionals are highly experienced to quickly assess the situation and methodically work-through open issues that negatively affect the value of the asset, including:

  • Mediate collection disputes with tenants, negotiate lien settlements with vendors and government entities and challenge unpaid bills / debt unrelated to the new owner
  • Maximize operational efficiencies by renegotiating or competitively bidding out vendor / insurance contracts, examining building systems to lower utility expenses and making strategic investments to increase cash flow
  • Conduct a rent comparables analysis to better understand competing market rental rates and the asset’s maximum cash-flow potential
  • Update all property records, tenant contact information and leases
  • Create operating statements, financial reports and budgets to evaluate historical, current and potential income
  • Research and resolve outstanding city or county violations
In conjunction with these services, Rockwell Partners conducts a top-to-bottom inspection of the physical asset. This helps determine areas of potential liability and the capital expenditures needed to address the issue. Our inspections cover:

  • Physical structure: roof, windows, physical depreciation
  • Mechanical systems: boiler, electric, plumbing
  • Rentable space: current usable and unusable space
  • Winterization: potential renovations for preventive seasonal maintenance and cost efficiency

Following the inspection, Rockwell Partners will make recommendations to address key areas of concern and an action plan to implement improvements that are both cost effective and value enhancing.

Construction Management

Rockwell Partners has strong relationships with a number of high-quality, trustworthy contractors that can efficiently execute the work at cost-effective prices.

Furthermore, Rockwell Partners professionals can manage every step of this process including formulation of the proposal, structuring a competitive bid process, contractor background / reference checks, on-site project management and bill payment through lien wavers and construction escrow accounts.