Receivership/RCO Management

Rockwell Partners strives to deliver outstanding performance and highly personal service to all of our clients.

Our team prides itself on being a prudent fiduciary and dependable intermediary for lenders, borrowers, service providers and the court system. We are well-versed in the legal protocols followed by the court to help financial institutions and their attorneys maximize their potential for success.


We provide the following receivership services:

  • Comprehensive analysis of asset operations and financials (Income & Expenses, Rent Rolls, lease information, etc.)
  • Full evaluation of the physical asset, deferred maintenance and necessary capital expenditures
  • Assessment of rental condition
  • Property valuation – As-Is and Stabilized
  • Review of fire / life safety systems as applicable
  • Formulation of leasing strategy and/or optimal exit strategy
  • Ongoing court reporting and presentation of key findings
  • Secure tenants and execute leases
  • Collect rents
  • Implement adequate liability and casualty insurance
  • Pay ongoing operating expenses, taxes and insurance
  • Make repairs and improvements to the physical property
  • Employ counsel, custodians or other personnel as needed
  • Address violations noted by city or county officials

Turnaround Management

Rockwell Partners has handled turnaround management projects for over 300 assets including Multi-Family, Retail and Office properties, as well as portfolios of Single-Family Homes.

Bankruptcy Services

Rockwell Partners has been engaged by Bankruptcy Trustees in advisory, operating and disposition capacities.